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Integrative hypnosis, the book

Integrative hypnosis, the book

G. ETTZEVOGLOV, Preface by Dr Bertrand CALICHIAMA, OTHER FACES OF HYPNOSIS, On the language of the feelings of the soul, ÉDITIONS EUTHYMIX, PARIS, 2017.

Since the Ancient Greece, soul is downgraded to a vast jail, the psyche’s.

Detached of consciousness, unconsciousness and psyche, the soul is freed and can express more than ever its breath of life. « The soul is no more reduced to the siege of passions or to a defined and partitioned spiritual realm; it becomes a free and saving full entity. The affects don’t represent « the most obscure and the least accessible region of the psychic life » evoked by Freud anymore, they are the feelings of the soul in response to the emotional vibrations of the languages of the world. Then everything becomes clear… To tame the power of the language of the feelings of the soul and its remarkable effects, the reader discovers, within the pages, other faces of influences and of hypnosis. This book aims at caregivers, helpers, patients, and anyone interested in the aid relationship and fulfillment.

Sold at thousands of copies in French-spoken countries by SATAS editions, recognized as a reference in human science, Gérôme Ettzevoglov is also the author of handbooks and articles on communication, hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Specialist in these fields, he has developed these approaches he has taught many doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, hypnotherapists and therapists from all disciplines. His teachings are today provided in an institute he has founded.


Auteur, conférencier, consultant Président d'honneur du Syndicat Français des Praticiens en Hypnose Intégrative®

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Téléchargez gratuitement le livre "Les Dessous de l'Hypnose en France, Immersion au Coeur d'un Univers Fascinant", Paris, Éditions EUTHYMIX, 2018." G. ETTZEVOGLOV.​


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